Low priced lenses (primes) on a 5D3? Sacrilegious?

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Low priced lenses (primes) on a 5D3? Sacrilegious?

I'm not one to remember user names on forums and what those users post but if you are, you might remember me posting a couple of threads about FF cameras over the last few months. I'm eager to get into FF and realize it's an eventual destination for me.

My first thread was whether I should go with a 70D or a 6D if I often shoot moving subjects (and often use peripheral AF points). I went with the 70D and LOVE IT. Next it was whether I'd get a good experience out of a used 5D, to introduce me to FF. Decided to pass. Then I was back to how would the 6D AF perform for moving subjects using the peripheral AF points.  The only moving subject images I saw were using the center AF point and compositionally, anything not in the center of the frame that was moving was cropped (kind of defeats the purpose, IMO - especially if I rarely use the center AF point so I'd ALWAYS be cropping). Now... a new situation...

I've sold off quite a few lenses and other stuff I wasn't using and slowly saved up some other money as well (gift cards, credit card points, etc.). Right now I have about $2350 to spend and break even but I don't mind adding a little money that isn't "saved" or recouped from other sales. Canonpricewatch.com is making available a 5D3 for $2700 through their group buy and that's an amount of money I can afford to sink into it ($350 of non-saved/non-recouped money). However, I don't have the $ to invest in really high end glass.

  • There's no 24-70 II or 70-200 IS II in my near future.  As of now, they're just too expensive and probably too heavy for what I want to carry around.  I'd also be doing a LOT of lens switching I think and switching from one heavy zoom to another seems like a recipe for making me hate photography!
  • I'm not even sure one of the f/4 zooms would be in my future as 24-70 might be a bit restrictive, 70-200 is big and white (I hate white lenses for some reason), and the 24-105 isn't overly praised by many (though range-wise it would probably be great for me).
  • I doubt I will buy the 50L or 85L.  BIG.  Heavy.  Expensive.
  • I just sold the Sigma 35 Art and have no intention of buying another Sigma lens.

What I do have are the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM, EF 50mm f/1.4, and EF 85mm f/1.8 Canon primes. I do intend to buy the 135 f/2 L in the future.

Here's another hesitation... video. I'm no videographer. Not even close. I LIKE AF in video and my 70D is fantastic with that. However, I know the 5D3 doesn't support AF in video so if I want to continue taking DSLR video (and I do enjoy the higher quality and shallow depth of field) I have to keep both cameras. If the 5D3 had DPAF, I'd very quickly sell the 70D. But I also know the price wouldn't be $2700 for the 5D3 if that were the case (I'd venture a guess that a new 5D camera with DPAF will be at least $3800 at launch and will be a LONG time before it hits a price this affordable). I don't know that this is such a big deal, but it means I'm also keeping a 55-250 (rarely use telephoto so the quality is okay with me), 60mm macro, and 15-85 lens to go with the 70D which is a substantial investment in a kit that I'm using mainly for video and also occasionally for situations where ultimate IQ isn't the priority (theme parks, day trips, etc.).  But that basically amounts to a $1k video camera and occasional use camera.  Doesn't make much financial sense... :-/

So...  I feel like I'm suffering from analysis paralysis and I could use some help.  Can y'all help talk me through this by throwing out some thoughts on the situation?  My main concern is, the lenses I list that I have (or will have in the case of the 135L), am I leaving anything on the table by using those instead of super high quality (read: expensive and big/heavy) lenses?  Should I just stick with crop and spend the money elsewhere?  Also, whenever Canon releases IS versions of the 50/85/135 primes, I will sell the old lenses and buy the new ones.  But who knows when that will be.


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