M43 Buffer sizes.

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Re: Class 10 vs U1

newellj wrote:
... but for best results - depending on which camera you're looking at - you likely want a UHS-1 card rather than a Class 10 card.

My understanding is Class 10 means a minimum 10 MB/s, and U1 means a minimum 10 MB/s sustained. The only difference the sustained part. Am I missing something (besides U1 a newer standard and thus older cards don't claim it)?

It's worth noting that UHS isn't just a speed rating tho, UHS cards work differently (electrically, at the controller level) and cameras that support UHS may very well work better with a UHS card than an older non UHS card even if it claims the same minimum speed. If you think I'm blowing smoke you can Google the technical details about the spec or look up some tests, they're out there (I remember seeing some UHS vs none but can't quite remember where now, either DPR boards or CameraLabs).

Cost difference is usually negligible anyway, unless you insist in buying SanDisk's top rated ultra extreme power ranger pro XL cards, and even those go on sale occasionally. It's early, apologies for the snark.

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