Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Truly ..

knickerhawk wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

..So I will repeat it, do you have a camera?

Off topic and irrelevant (although it really shouldn't be that difficult for you to figure out, considering the location of our usual encounters).

Figure out what? Say it .

Why did you link to an article about tilt/shift photography? That was your "hint". I'm still not understanding the point you were trying to make. Please enlighten.

It answers your quest (if there was one),

This effect is one of the more subtle uses of the tilt movement. It can allow you to keep a subject sharp, which would otherwise be impossible even using extremely small apertures.

That is, if you are after everything-in-focus only, use what makes it easy. I tried it with macro lens, and it is barely enough (as you see it) for such framing. Not like it would make difference with mFT camera either. I would not shoot f/45 regularly, or even often enough when photographing insects or flowers. If fact, wide open can work just as pretty,

Here is another one, at f/32. The f/11 does not make much difference here, but I was rather interested in light effect. With wide open (or nearly wide open) lens, you get the whole magnified sun-ball in a frame, stopping the lens down renders it rather differently.


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