Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

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Re: Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

Barlowephoto wrote:

Hello, let me start by saying I'm a working pro for 40+ years. When the pressure was on, in the "film days" we would all shoot Polaroid until we were absolutely certain of our lighting and exposure. And only then would we risk our reputation ( and the huge expense of color sheet film ).Then came the digital age, and we are all squinting at these tiny images at the back of our cameras. When the light is bright we are doing a dance, moving the camera around to avoid seeing reflections on the screen. And when we're outdoors in bright sunlight, we have to purchase huge magnifying hoods. I can even envision a progression all the way to the dark cloths of the view camera days!

It's crazy! I think progress is going backwards. What I wouldn't give for a nice big 4x5 inch Polaroid preview!

But, then I begin to think of the new mirrorless cameras with EVF's. They too have the now traditional LCD screen on the back of the camera. But also since the image in the viewfinder is electronically generated, shouldn't it be possible to chimp your images ( to perfect your lighting and exposure ) through the camera's EVF?

Is anyone doing this? Is it working? Can you judge lighting ratios and modeling in your lighting effectively? What camera are you using? I would like to hear your ideas. I'm presently shooting with Nikon D700 and D800 cameras, and I'm fed up with trying to focus my aging eyes on a miserable piece of LCD real estate in bright light. I'm not about to splurge my money on a pricey Zacuto finder. My cameras are already huge enough!!!

I need your collective experience and wisdom on this. Any and all ideas are welcome! Thank you very much.---Jeff Barlowe


My experience is with the OM-Ds, in particular the E-M1.

Chimping on the EVF is easy. Put your eye to the viewfinder, hit playback. Works just like chimping on the rear screen.

However, as you can also nail the exposure prior to the shot, through live blinkies, histogram and real time exposure preview then you should hardly need to chimp to check exposure in the first place.'s gear's gear list
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