When the Canon 1" sensor?

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Re: When the Canon 1" sensor?

Now wait a minute redfoxx. If Sony can make a RX100 1,2 & 3 that is only slightly bigger than a S120 and is "pocketable, then I see no good reason why Canon can't do the same.

I would readily buy a S130 with a "1" inch sensor even if it grows a little in overall size.

Sony RX100 III - 4.02 X 2.28 X 1.61

Canon S120 -  3.94 X 2.32 X 1.14

Sony RX100 .06 Longer .04 Taller  .47  Thicker.  Thickness is the largest measurement, not quite a half-inch. The other two are insignificant.

If the "supposed" S130 has the same dimensions as the RX100 with  "1" sensor, or larger? I would stand in line for the first one offered for sale.  After all Sony is not the "be-all & end-all" of camera makers; Canons' not so bad either in innovative and creative design.  Besides which, Sony camera division is almost broke. Canon is still making money. Yes, I know......but for how long?

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