What cameras have you used?

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What cameras have you used?

<edited my headline to make it a little more compelling>

Hi folks, my post about my parents made me a little nostalgic for the cameras of my past. I thought that I'd run through a list of my previous digicams along with some examples of the pictures they took. Thought it would be a neat list to see (personally) and might be an interesting study on how much better digital cameras have gotten in the 17 years difference between the oldest pictures here and the newest! Would love see some of your own lists with examples if you have them.

First off- the Olympus D-300L, purchased by my father in 1996'ish

It is so telling that I had such a hard time finding a full resolution file to post. Back then, memory cards were super expensive, so I had to save space where I could.

After I lost my dad's camera, I bought the next generation, Olympus D-360L to replace it:

1.3 megapixels!! 2.8 lens!! (I didn't know what aperture was and this was definitely point and shoot)

This was my workhorse camera that I took thousands of pictures with during my days in UVA. It took pictures that were definitely worse than the average camera phone of today.

love that purple fringing

But in good light, its pictures weren't bad.

Next came the Canon A70

This bad boy was the camera that really began to teach me how to use a camera. Wonder of wonders it had a zoom AND PASM mode. I was amazed that such a relatively cheap camera pumped out images with as much pop and resolution that this one did. I loved this camera until it finally broke in 2006 or so. I still love those bright Canon colors.

This picture was taken moments after my then girlfriend, told me that she loved me for the first time- and that she was ready to get married. (I had been waiting for many many months!)

Me hanging out by some lava on the Big Island of Hawaii. Beautiful place- hope I get to go back some day.

After my A70 died, my best friend bought my the Fuji F30

This semi-legendary camera was known for its high ISO quality, relative to the other cameras of its size. It's megapixels were a reasonable 6.3 on its relatively large 1/1.7" sensor. You might say that it was the RX100 of its day.

To be honest, I never loved this camera, though many people did. I didn't like Fuji colors as much as I liked Canon ones, and I still found that I needed to use the flash a decent amount indoors.

When I had the F30 and before I got my first DSLR, I got married. Even though our otherwise excellent photographer did a terrible job with the white balance in the church scenes, it still couldn't ruin our very first kiss. It was worth the wait and was far less awkward than I worried it was going to be.

After I graduated from medical school, I started doing the slave-labor that is known as residency. In the middle of a somewhat delirious 30-hour shift, I was putzing around on eBay and saw what I thought was a good deal on a Nikon D80 bundle. Since I used to (note past-tense) bid low ball bids on eBay auctions for the thrill of it, I figured I'd toss in a low bid. Well, I won it, by accident and so began my DSLR-career.

Here I learned the joy of fast primes and bokeh

In another spur of the moment purchase, I got the Panasonic LX5 which was esteemed to be another pocketable, larger sensor camera. I loved how small this camera was and the video was quite nice, but it was horrible when there was any kind of fluorescent lighting- which was primarily why I wanted a larger sensor compact.

yucky greenish indoor lighting

But the Nikon D80's high ISO was still pretty lacking as well. And in order to use my Sigma superzoom, I needed to use higher ISO's- so that led to my getting the D5100.

I really enjoyed my dual D80 (paired with my 50 1.8 lens) and D5100 (paired with my superzoom lens) for a long time. They accompanied me to Malaysia

Tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands

Fish Market in Ipoh

HK City Scape

Till I happened upon on of those dangerous Amazon fire sales and purchased the NEX C3 at a bargain price

Not sexy, kinda ugly, if I'm honest. But man, what beautiful pictures it took/takes. I'm consistently blown away by it when I pick it up and use it again. Especially with that prime 50.

ANNNND finally, my last camera of the list is of course, my RX10 - which is how I found this forum and the wonderful camaraderie of photography lovers here. After playing around with my RX10- I sold my D5100, LX5 and their lenses and gave my D80 to my sister in law, who is a much better photographer than I am.

Wow... that took longer than I thought it would, but what precious memories it brought back. Each one of these cameras accompanied me through such a significant stage of my life. It's fascinating to look back and remember what it was like to use each and every one of them. Hopefully this thread expands and we'll see some other people taking a chronological look back on the cameras that they loved through the years!

cheers, thanks for making it to the bitter end!

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