Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

LCplHerold wrote:

Hello everyone.

I am contemplating selling ALL my nikon gear and in turn buying an A7, FE 24-70, FE 70-200. Is this a poor idea?

My one fear is when I do start to 1st shoot more than the AF will murder me, as I hear nothing but complaints about both the A7r's and the A7's autofocus. I get the feeling from the way people trash it than in a lower light scenario I will have next to useless AF.

What would you recommend and why?

Thank you for your time in reading this.

All the best,

LCpl. Herold

Clients hire photographers based on word of mouth, results, and the marketing ability of the photographer.  I rarely carried my cameras on a sales call unless the client wanted to have a few shots done.  The client is generally not that interested in equipment, they want to see results.

What the customers expects is a photographer that is quick, professional, and captures the event.  It  does not matter what equipment they use, but the images must be in focus, and well done.  The customer does not care about the size of weight of your camera.  I carried about 50lbs of camera and lighting equipment, likely more.

If your camera weights 1lbs vs. 2lbs that is kinda pointless as your lenses are heavy as is the lighting.  Studio lighting, multiple cameras, backdrops and stands, light stands, umbrellas, light meters, tripods and  more are all part of a location kit.  I did not generally use it all, but I had it if needed.

You need to be able to capture motion shots, down the isle, dancing, nothing like athletes but motion in low light is typical.  There are no excuses, no second chances.  I read a bunch of amateurs trumpeting the value of the A7, but that is not your client.  Most pros do Not shoot paid events with only a Sony A7/r because the focus is not reliable.  Explaining OOF shots to the customer is a death sentence.

If you are a professional your goal is happy customers. It does not matter if you shoot with a BamBoozel 5000 as long as the results are strong.  I shot entire Weddings with MF so manual focus. I preferred to shoot some 35mm AF but some customers wanted Medium Format only.  A professional shoots for the client.... period.  Most do not care about equipment.

It is all about the customer and posts like this are really pointless.

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