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Re: Cactus v6 review out

Brian Hursey wrote:

Brian Hursey wrote:

Perfect companion to the Rf60 the V6 review is out and they were released today also.

Looks like a very well thought out flash system. New and better flash systems are coming out in droves! Makes selecting one over the other difficult. Looks like Cactus has the edge for HSS with respect to economics though.

Thank you for the update Brian. I look forward to more videos from you.

I did some hss testing per your idea of delay and multiple flashes

Your write-up has some excellent analysis and examples....thank you for sharing.

It more or less confirms what I was reading on FlashHavoc about V6 system with regards to HSS.  It can do HSS over radio but it must have some mechanism to fire off the pre-flash signals.  Now whether that is an actual TTL based flash work on pass-thru SB-700/SB-910(for Nikon folks) or one of those $50 YN-622 TTL triggers on top of it that doesn't seem to matter.  They're calling this "HSS Sympathy Mode" apparently since the V6 system can do it...but it relies on something else to do so in a way.

I would probably spend the extra $50 and go with the later option as you have shown because I really don't want any extra weight on my camera not to mention a "wasted" flash just for triggering others.

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