Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Strange question.


To get predictable results, meter off camera.  Do this often, and you also get to intuitively know what the lighting situation calls for.

If your speaking of candid shots where AF can (perhpas) be important, then I would still say you can pre-focus a lot of the time.

The PRO wedding shooter uses his or her equipment that delivers the results that he or she wants.  One tends to use gear that is reliable and can stand a lot of abuse in the field.  By trial and error, I think you find more experienced photographers using more expensive ("Professional" gear) equipment because of necessity.

If one also carried a film camera to a shoot these days, would you say he/she is not a PRO?

Camera gear has much less to do with consistent results that the operator knowing how to use the equipment properly to get consistent results.

***How about this my books, if the shooter can also "print", that says a lot about their ability as a learned professional.

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