GF5 as backup body? (for E-M10)

Started Jun 23, 2014 | Questions thread
Narcosynthesis Senior Member • Posts: 1,832
I think you could do better...

I would definitely look to a second Olympus body of some form - they will share that bit more in menu interface and control layout to make the transition between them a bit easier (which is great if you want to shoot both simultaneously).

The other thing I would do would be to look secondhand - if you are not shopping for the latest and greatest then secondhand should net you a better or more recent camera for the same money, which is always good, and as a backup having a new body with full warranty and so on isn't quite as important as with a bran new high end model (such as the situation you are in right now).

Otherwise the GF5 is a solid if uninspiring camera - it has an older sensor so the IQ won't match a current model, but will be capable of superb quality shots in the right hands (hell, used properly my antique 10mp Canon 400d takes stunning shots...), and it is a basic model so you won't get the same control options (both in terms of buttons and the software options) but will give you something perfectly adequate if unexciting to work with.

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