Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

Your words: Is this partially because back in the day, Nikon brainwashed its customers into thinking DX was good enough for general photography?

First, I have been around quite a long time. I just recently decided that on a forum like this a person should use a real name, and it appears you do, so I have to give you that.

That "brainwash" comment cuts both ways. It's a matter of preference. I would take a D200 over a 5DII any day of the week. And the D700 is the reason you now have a 5DIII that does not appear to be made by Mattel. I like well made cameras, and that is the reason I have used Nikon since film days. I have handled Canons, and I wouldn't even consider one.

So perhaps it is just a matter of people choosing what they want, rather than anybody being brainwashed. I wouldn't use a Canon with your hands, but if you like them, go for it. I won't even think you are brainwashed. Mis-guided perhaps, but that's your business.

When you intentionally try to offend Nikon users, you should not get your feelings hurt when someone calls you on it. I have to tell you, when I first saw your response to the OP, I knew that you had probably been thinking of this nasty little paragraph for a long time, and failing a logical opportunity to use it, you dropped it here. A bit lame.

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