Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Sounds wierd...

Well I would like to throw in my own opinion.

I don't own a D800 or an A7.

But I do use consumer grade Nikon's and Sony's...D5100 and Nex-6.

Autofocus capabilities of the two cameras are pretty much identical for single shot. The Nikon can theoretically do AF while shooting multiple shots, but not very reliably. The Nex-6 can shoot like a machine gun at 11fps, but without moving the AF point.

I guess neither would be suitable for sports shooting, but both would be fine at a wedding.

However, the abilty to do perfect MF through the viewfinder is a definite plus for the mirrorless camera, and Sony's superb focus peaking is just the icing on the can really see where the DOF is biting!

On the other hand the Nex-6 does have some serious drawbacks. In particular I find it awkward and uncomfortable to use, maybe not the sort of thing you want to spend all afternoon using. I also find the controls awkard, it can be difficult to do some things and too easy to mistakingly do others.

The Nex-6 has convinced me that the future is mirrorless, but rather than make me want to rush out and buy an A7, I'm left wondering when Nikon are going to make a full size mirroless?

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