4:1 Magnification Creepy Crawlies (8 photos)

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4:1 Magnification Creepy Crawlies (8 photos)

I've always been comfortable with life size macro shooting 1:1, and even 2:1 macro but beyond that is a lot harder... I would say these few 4:1 macro photos i got were about 4 times harder than the 2:1 i recently did and those are probably 4 times harder than everyday 1:1 macros. So you can imagine a lot of trying for a few photos.

The other issue is none of these are cropped, sure i could crop in a bit and show more detail however at 100% there was no micro contrast detail, diffraction killed it all. Unless you're focus stacking you need to stop down to get any DOF with such magnifications relative to the subject and display size. This means using the calculation of (1+Magnification)*Aperture with my setup at F16 and 4:1 the actual aperture is F80 so well inside the diffraction zone. The other issues is with F80 light gathering and such high magnification i still got a lot of motion blurred photos as the flash had to fire for longer periods of time to generate enough light on the subject. Anyhow resized down and sharpened and they tend to hide their flaws.

The setup was the K-3, Pentax F 100mm F2.8 set to 1:1 & F11 but mostly F16, 3 extension tubes and a Pentax Rear Converter-A 2x-S Teleconverter. The flash is a Metz 58AF-2 with a Gary Fong Lightsphere II Cloud Diffuser

Wolf Spider

I believe its an aphid

Red Spider Mite

Not sure the name of this spider

Body of a Daddy Long Legs Spider, i'm sure there is a proper name for it

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Pentax K-3
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