a7 + HVl-f60M flashes = A wedding shooters nightmare (and thoughts on a7s)

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a7 + HVl-f60M flashes = A wedding shooters nightmare (and thoughts on a7s)

I miss so many shots with the a7 and its abysmal low light autofocus.. Yes it it nice to have fast AF (which it doesn't have except in opptimum light), but I can live withiout it. However dead innaccurate AF while giving me a confirmation of AF in low light is totally aweful. The EVF gains up so much you cannot even tell whether it has nailed focus so litterally you have to manually check each shot.

This is my experience of shooting a wedding with the a7 and a6000. I have shot 3 so far  I now sweat bullets everytime I have one coming up, wondering which shots I will miss.  The first kiss?  the boquet, the garter?  Last one I missed the boquet and the garter (AF failed me) and only got through the first dance before my flashes overheated (Sorry bride, your father-daughter and mother-son dances are shot at iso 6400 and are a grainy mess.).

A7 experience: KER-CHUNCK!!!! Ok got the shot, check it (F*@&-sake out of focus). Reshoot. Ok got the shot, check it (F*@&-sake out of focus). Reshoot. Ok got the shot, check it.. OOF still. Reshoot. Check ok. Great! Got it! Next shot. OMFG HVL-F60M Flash overheating again!!! It just over heated.

And that literally is just shooting a few family portraits indoors at the reception.

The camera is literally useless in low light. Even if you are a manual focus user the gain up on the EVF means you will never know if you got eyes sharp until you check it. The little orange AF light does almost nothing to help the camera to lock focus and merely ruins video and alerts your subject that you are trying to take a picture. Then they move away and you have to stop them and explain why you have to retake their picture and please pose again, etc (Meanwhile Grandma with her point and shoot has actually already nailed the shot and moved on)

That is my experience. Shoot-reshoot-reshoot-reshoot-nailed it! Flash overheat (and I am talking iso 800 and higher to intentionally take it easy on flash. You like to bounce?? Do not use sony flashes!)

The camera is aweful in low light. So much so that I literally have to sell it and use the a6000 with its terrible form factor (for pro shooting that is. It is fine for general photography)

a6000 experience?: Shoot-nailed it, shoot-nailed it. Shoot -nailed it. Flash overheat.. Jesus not again. Ok, I am shooting a fast prime. Maybe I can just turn this flash off while it is overheated and shoot ambient (Nope, good as it is this sensor will not produce ambient light images of pro quality at iso 3200 and higher. It needs light.)

None the less because it can actually focus I am going to use this camera over the a7 for my professional work. All in all I have been seriorusly regretting selling my alpha system (though the pellicle ruined low light images and the flashes still overheated just the same)

The a7s promises to give me better AF in low light and THAT is the sole reason I am going to buy this camera. If it still flails I will sell out of sony line completely. I am sick of prototypes with cams that have broken AF, and "professional" flashes that are anything but pro.

I may come back when the a99 II comes out. but then It is one more goddam switch of all my glass. Why did sony need to create two mounting systems? Just so they could sell adapaters? That are useless because either they introduced a light sapping pellicale mirror with a minimum number of points AF system or the passiive one which kills the AF speed and accurancy on the alpha glass.

I just don't know. It is 2014. We have over a 100 years of camera heritage and Sony is producing products which litterally do not work for rigourous, professional event photography, though they are great for more slow paced art shooting. Sadly I love evf, etc. And I invested in FE glass after selling all my alpha gear.

Please a7s. Please actually be able to focus in low light and without false focus lock.

The flashes I will dump on ebay and try for thirs party. Hell 50$ youngno's are better then this sh!te

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha a7 Sony Alpha a7S Sony Alpha a99
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