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Re: DELL U3014 ?

Tom_N wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

alpshiker wrote:

Problem: Monitors this size must be plugged in with a dual cable adapter, which takes one TB and one USB port I think. This would be the case with any of the 27" too. Since the MBPr has very limited connectivity, it's better to think ahead.

What do you mean by this dual cable comment?

I don't know if you can expect 'alpshiker' to reply. You are replying to a thread that is over a year old!

Yeah, I know. I knew it was a long shot when I posted.

My guess is that he's referring to a dual-link DVI adapter. Single-link DVI only works for resolutions up to about 1920x1200 pixels (monitors) or 1080p (HDTV). Good 27" and 30" monitors have resolutions higher than that. If such a monitor had a free dual-link DVI input port, but didn't have a free (Mini)DisplayPort input, you would need an adapter to connect it to a MiniDisplayPort or Thunderbolt port on a Mac. The long-discontinued Apple 30" Cinema Display is an example of a monitor for which you would need a dual-link DVI adapter.

OK. I'm relatively new to Macs. At work I use a Thunderbolt display. I'm currently looking for a monitor where I can max out the resolution my MBP can support, which is 2560x1600. I'm expecting a likely need to get a thunderbolt adapter....

Photos of the Apple adapter show both a MiniDisplayPort plug and a USB plug, and customer reviews make me think that the purpose of that USB plug is to allow the adapter to draw DC power from the computer (or other powered USB source).

Newer high-end monitors tend to have (Mini)DisplayPort instead of, or in addition to, DVI. This allows the use of a simple, cheap, hassle-free MiniDisplayPort-to-(Mini)DisplayPort cable.

Thanks. That helps.

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