Leica shooters - A7 or A7r

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Leica shooters - A7 or A7r

I'm pretty much sold on ditching my existing Fuji setup and using the lenses I have for my M-E with either the a7 or a7r. FWIW, they are all 35-90mm. I plan on using a Nikon 24mm lens for landscape work, so I'm not worried about the WA/UWA corner/color issues. I've heard focus peaking on the Sony's is much better than the Fuji's, which is one of the major reasons for the switch (along with the FF sensor).

I really want to go with the A7r but I've heard some worrisome things about shutter vibration (initial research seems to indicate this is more of a hand-held tele-zoom issue?). I would love the larger image resolution and lack of AA filter, but I'm not 100% decided yet.

The primary use for the a7(r) will be as a second body (if I have the 35 on my M-E, I'll have the 50 or 90 on my a7(r)), and for landscapes with the Nikon lens. It will also fill in for low-light work as the M-E isn't so great above ISO 800.

My lens lineup will look like this.

Nikon 24 2.8 AI/AIS
CV 35 Nokton 1.2 II
Zeiss 2/50 ZM
Heliar 75 2.5
Summicron-M 90 (or Elmarit 90 2.8, still testing these out).
Either the 28-70 Sony kit lens or the 24-70 Zeiss Sony lens for times that I need AF.

I'm still learning more about these two, but it seems the majority of people who primarily shoot wide-ish Leica lenses went with the A7 due to the corners/color issue, but it appears that is less prominent on the a7r when shooting 35mm and longer.

Given those lenses and my primary use as a 2nd body / landscape camera, would anyone disagree that the a7r is the way to go? If you feel the a7 might be better suited, I'd be interested in hearing the reasons you feel that way.

Sony Alpha 7 Sony Alpha 7R
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