A7 - great camera, ergonomic disaster?

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Re: Where would we be without snap judgments from non-users?

The last visceral decision I made was D50 vs Rebel, then that more or less tied me and Canon lost, married Nikon because it felt good.

As near as I can tell, The M4/3rds Fuji / D7xxx thing is a toss up until I get to a few specialist lenses that I don't use.   At the level of sports my kids are at, the OM-D 5 more than holds it's own against the D7xxx series.   As this as I have a sports requirement, that pushes me to the A7, and I loose that no AA and 36 mPix advantages of the A7R, a very tricky issue ... why not just put up with a D800?

As I have said at least twice, MY output needs have shifted, and for the moment, the 1 inch Sony sensor in either my RX10 or R100 is filling them quite well.  ie,  at least 90% of my current output is on the web, thus "The Fuji and OMD are lonely"

A careful read shows I only go for the visceral in a tech tie.  I've shot film Leica, and as a brand goes, they are the king of visceral, but I  have never owned a digital Leica.  As of today, NOTHING is a breathtaking as an 80 megapixel image, but I skipped owning that too.

For me SIMPLY choosing based on visceral would be a bad thing, others may. As the final criteria in an and Angel on the head of the pin dance contest, it's a great deciding factor.

The OP on this thread may be one of those who uses ergonomics rashly , or not, who am I to judge given my gear list?  I shot a Speed Graphic and a Polaroid 4X5 that I had built.


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