GF5 as backup body? (for E-M10)

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Re: GF5 as backup body? (for E-M10)

Janbe78 wrote:


A couple of months ago I switched from my Nikon D300s kit to a fantastic Olympus E-M10 kit. Unfortunately I had to bring in the E-M10 for repairs (front dial got squeaky and almost completely locked) and now I'm probably out-of-camera for 2 to 3 weeks. It's not that big of a deal (I'm not a pro) but still I was looking for a cheap (maybe 2nd hand) M4/3 body which I can use as a backup body, or a camera I can give to my kids without having to worry too much.

After looking for some 2nd hand bodies, I found a pretty good deal on a new Panasonic GF5 body (€159 which is $216). So I'm wondering, would you consider the GF5 as a good 2nd camera? Obviously I'm not looking for a top-quality/feature-complete body, just a cheap one on which I can use my M4/3 glass but which would still give OK results.

Thanks for your thoughts!!


The sensor is pretty inferior compared to the E-M10, and the interface is dumbed down and lacking in basic functions like flash compensation. But it will work with your m43 lenses.

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