When the Canon 1" sensor?

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Re: When the Canon 1" sensor?

crashpc wrote:

BarnET wrote:

Panasonic made the LF1, a very small little camera with an EVF and a 1.7" sensor. Sony made the RX100 with a 1" sensor, very small, groundbreaking, and now the RX100III with an EVF. Canon made only 'decent' camera's, nothing special...

They also made the most pathetic best laugh camera's.

Nope. When you don´t see qualities or value of that particular cam does not mean it´s pathetic and laughable. This is cheap shot.

The eos M a mirrorless with a launch price of 799.

Still sells good in Asia, and now it´s so cheap You can buy it as a smart lens cap for your L glass.

That gave you no viewfinder no working AF and no lenses to put on the fancy mount without the optional adapter

This was new mount, and the adapter was there. What´s different with pathetic Sony jumping mounts every odd day? How was MFT at the start when they needed union to survive? Shooting Olympus lens on Panasonic is not laughable?

Both systems made a proper lens system within a few years. Canon still has a very very weak native lens lineup. Using only lenses on Panasonic isn't laughable as everything works. Just like when mounting superior sigma glass on your canon.

The 1200d worst DSLR in the passed 3 years.

Well, maybe. It is cheapest DSLR around, so it´s supposed to be the worst, and it wipes floor with other cams for current price (Image quality wise). You just don´t see. That´s cool, but your laugh is not that cool then....

It was not the cheapest DSLR.... You could buy an older camera with vastly superior specs for less money. Even from. Canon themselves. The 600d. Besides canon IQ is nothing special. The 18mp is noisy and has less dynamic range as the competition. Look at the k500 vs 1200d same price but the k 500 is feature set is between the 700d and 70d.

The elph 340hs with an F7 lens on a 1/2.3 inch sensor.
Try to calculate the equiv. dof on that lens!

Cheap small cam with great zoom. What does it have to do with equivalence? Look at Sony compact cams image output. They might have more reach, more resolution, brighter glass, but they still fail against Canon in image quality department, and of course it´s not $160 or what..

I am sorry but this is simply wrong. The lens of the canon is so slow that you have no resolution to speak of at the long end. Few new camera's are worse then their predecessor. This is and by a fair margin.

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