No Android tablets suitable for m43?

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Re: No Android tablets suitable for m43?

Impulses wrote:

...Android apps can now go full screen so it shouldn't be hard to find a gallery app that features that, if it's such a pet peeve.

My Samsung Galaxy S3 has hard buttons for home / back / menu, so that's what I'm used to.   If an Android app goes full screen and hides the (only) soft buttons on the tablet, how do you access those functions?

A tap on the screen (or a swipe down from the top in some instances) usually brings them back up, can't remember if something like a game could now house them permanently until you quit out of it... Initially I was totally against on screen buttons, but that was because the first few phones that featured then weren't any smaller than phones with capacitive buttons (Galaxy Nexus etc).

The LG G2 and others later proved you can successfully shrink the phone a little and/or cram in a larger screen thanks to the on screen buttons tho, haven't missed them at all since I got a Nexus 5. On a tablet it always seemed natural to me, why waste a large chunk of bezel on permanent buttons? I had a 10" ASUS TF for a few years but later decided smaller was better for my usage case.

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