Follow up thoughts (to earlier thread about P&S vs m4/3 cameras and travel)

Started Jun 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: Trip of a lifetime

Hi Steve,

Its the DOf control that you get with a lens like the 17 along with focus speed that sets it apart from  the zooms, and as good as the sensor is keeping that ISO lower will result in more detail in the shot, Robin Wong shots in daylight and at night show this and he freely admits this is not a focal length he is used to.

The 40-150 is one of the cheapest lenses around, are the Panny ones in the same aperture range like the 45-175?? any better in focus or IQ.

If you shoot an image with the EM-10 and 17mm in raw and place it in drop box I will convert it in C1 with the 17mm lens profile  for you. Unfotunately the zoom is not supported yet.


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