Stylus 1 Menu Question - Noise Reduction

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Re: Stylus 1 Menu Question - Noise Reduction

Michael Meissner wrote:

ELOJR wrote:

Which leads me OlympusLand....what's the difference between Noise Filter and Noise Reduction...or are they the same thing...NR for Bulb and NF (noise reduction) for all preset shutter speeds?

Noise Reduction is called dark frame subtraction on other cameras or in post processing. Basically after you take a picture, the camera takes a second picture for the same time period with the shutter closed. It then eliminates all of the hot pixels that showed up in the second exposure. It can be really frustrating when you take fireworks pictures, and you are basically opening the shutter for a few seconds to catch multiple fireworks bursts, and then the camera is locked up for the same amount of time.

Noise filter is what typically other vendors call noise reduction. In the conversion to JPEG, a software pass is done to eliminate noise. Often times it does this at the expense of details (I tend to think of it as a sander). Depending on various things, you might want it stronger or weaker. Typically if you are going to do post processing on the photo, you want the noise filter set low or off, and then do noise handling as the last step in post processing.

Thank you for the explanation, Michael.

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