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Re: Turns out 2 of my 3 lenses

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I can't believe that putting my f/1.8 DX lens on an FX camera and shooting in FX mode is not going to get me the same DOF as a real FX lens. That defies all logic. All I then have to do is a bit of cropping in PP and voila I have the nice bokeh. Sure it's more work but I can set up a batch process. Or does the lens become say an f/2.8 on FX? Here is an example of the vignetting I'm getting.

You should believe it. How does it defy all logic? If you shoot a FF sensor in DX mode you are shooting on an APS-C sized area of the sensor.

No, I said shooting in FX mode. Does the lens become F/2.8 in FX mode? Sorry, I don't understand this well enough to know otherwise.

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It doesn't matter whether you leave the camera in FX mode and crop down to DX size in post or put the camera into DX mode when taking the shot.  You will get the same DOF as DX.

The reason full frame gives you less DOF is because you are using a longer lens to give you the same field of view.  Two photographers stand on the same spot to take a photo.  Both shoot at f/1.8.  The DX shooter uses a 35mm lens.  The FX shooter has to use a 50mm lens to get the same scene area captured.  The 50mm lens gives you less depth of field at the same distance as a 35mm lens.

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