Ricoh GXR system?

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Re: Ricoh GXR system?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

rtogog wrote:

Is the Ricoh GXR system is dead? I haven't seen any update since the unique Ricoh GXR Leica M Mount A12. Any leakage news. Thanks

Not dead, just sleeping.

The GXR has indeed been discontinued quietly no regardless if we like it or not. While I still think that their own mirrorless mount for Aps-c and FF with short flange-back distance probably is the best for Ricoh and Pentax and I also think that there should have been a FF M-mount module for the GXR. That would have been more expensive than the Aps-c one of course but would probably has sold well anyway as there is a big interest among users to re-use camera-lenses.

First mistake by Ricoh was the lensor-concept and as we almost could predict, there would be no sensor-upgrades for the A12 50 or 28mm modules and not for the other ones either.

We got no in-camera sensor Remapping option either. and got to send the cameras in if we wished to do so as well for dust-issues which could have been dealt with easily had it been a usual mirrorless camera-mount.

An other critical mistake among other mistakes was that we never got a FF M-mount module. That would have offered something unique at the time as it at that stage was no other mirrorless camera with FF sensor and short flange back distance except for maybe Leica's own M9.

GXR was a nice experiment by Ricoh imo and even though I never bought one myself it was not fun to see it abandoned in the way it was done. I can clearly see why others has been and some maybe still are frustrated. Overall I believe that Ricoh finally realised that all the disadvantages that the Lensors and the whole system/concept brought compared to a usual mount outweighed potential advantages. It probably wasn't just the merger with Pentax which got the last word about the continuation or not regarding GXR although some have seemed to believe that.

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