Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Re: Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

Anders W wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

If you can scale down manufacturing tolerances by a factor 2

Why wouldn't manufacturing tolerances scale?

That is such a ridiculous question, if just you stop to think about it. Every manufacturing process has an associated set of tolerances. So, if you use the same process to produce a smaller product, you are not scaling the tolerances. If on the other hand you develop the tolerances so as to be able to scale them for the smaller product, then that finer tolerance process is available also for the larger product. The exception is only if the smaller size itself allows some change in the process which provides for smaller tolerances.

See my reply to noirdesir here, penultimate section:

No connection with the question of scalability of tolerances at all. Linking irrelevant posts, implying that you had made some response to the point already is a most dishonest mode of argumentation.

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