My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: Meaningful comparison: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

akin_t wrote:

Lol, you guys are talking as if the only difference between the X-T1 and Nikon Df is size.

Nikon Df is overpriced nonsense. If I want a full frame camera I'd just go for the D610 or the Canon 5D Mk III.

Except that it's got the same best in class high ISO sensor (until the A7s at least) that the D4 and the D4s have. Seen in that context, it's the bargain of the decade. I shot with a loaner Df for a month a really liked it a lot. I think the D610 would be a better set of tradeoffs for me too - same sensor as the RX1, which I have and love (I'm sure you'd consider that overpriced nonsense as well.... ) and a couple of differences in controls that work better for me. But calling the Df overpriced nonsense is just one man's opinion - ie, underpriced nonsense. At least to those who don't agree. It's reasonable for anyone to prefer the D610 to the Df. The reverse is equally reasonable...

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