Wedding shoot debrief - K5IIs/Kx

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Re: Wedding shoot debrief - K5IIs/Kx

robbo d wrote:

Hi Bob,

I think it's pretty much a dollar each way between the Tammy and the Siggy, both getting good wraps from their various owners here in the forum. It seems those who value WR will pay the almost double price tag for the 16-50 and i'm sure it has its good points as well.

It sounds like you had a very similar day to me and in the end, gave me a lot of confidence in what a decent aps-c is capable of. I do like the DOF look of the FF's and perhaps some of those little things like processing speed and a touch more high iso ability (however, after 6400iso and a flash, can't quite see if i'd really need it). I am sure our K series cameras are doing what pro's did with their FF's not that many years ago.

Nothing like learning though and I hope for more with a website being built at the moment.

Well I bought my 16-50 second hand for £400 so it wasn't so bad although I did have to open the lens to adjust the apeture leaver as it wasn't opening to f2.8 (around f3.5/f4) but it was an easy fix with a few screws tbh.

The WR is nice.. I've had my camera sit on a tripod in the rain with that lens on without worrying while I set up the shot with a local singer and some strobes, also it came in handy as a quick way to clean metallic dust off my camera from shooting in a foundry but just washing it under a tap and I half submerged my camera/lens combo the other day in a canal to try an idea out (which didn't work as I wanted) and no water got into the camera (I checked it after I ran the camera/lens combo under a tap again).

I'm not sure I'm sold on the IQ though, while I have had some nice images from it I've also had some pretty poor ones (sharpness wise) especially when used in my studio but that could also be the k5's poor low light/tungsten af causing this but my 50-135 seems better.

As for chasing full time, I have my own studio in my town.. Its not doing amazingly well but its not losing me money and I've just started to get work from the local council and do event's around the area too. Just the other week I had a 100th birthday party and another event which had around 60 retired police officers having dinner in the evening.

My studio just opened in January so I'm hoping it will pick up. But in the meen time I'm trying to win an upgraded camera from ricoh uk (ill find out next week I was one of the 5 shortlisted to win) and on pentax forums (I made it though to the second round and have entered my image for this part) so I have my fingers crossed!

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