Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Sounds wierd...

jhinkey wrote:

dellaaa wrote:

I own both a Nikon D800 and some Sony mirrorless gear. IMHO Sony equipment is by far the worst handling camera I have had the misfortune to own. They should stick to... oh wait they don't really lead any market these days.

The original post is a joke. Who would shoot manual focus when you have a D800 that does it so well. Add to that a fixed focus length lens to boot. Dream on my friend.

Owning both the A7R and D800 and a lot of manual focus glass I can say that absolutely I would pick the A7R over the D800 for manual focusing capability. Though the ergonomics of the d800 are surely far better, the ability to actually see true depth of field and magnify the image in the viewfinder is incredibly useful and my keeper rate has gone up significantly when using the A7R.

You have no idea what you are talking about . . . .

Agreed. My 5DIII has a pretty good implementation of LV that is better than Nikon's LV. But still regarding MF, my A7R is much better thru EVF, focus-assistant 1x/7x/14x toggle of magnification for higher focusing precision directly in excellent EVF without requiring switching between OVF and LV. Imagining you're trying to LV on back LCD under noon bright sunlight.

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