Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Feel free ..

knickerhawk wrote:

Since this thread was moved to the Photographic Science and Technology forum, I will refrain from replying to your usual bluster, BS and attempts to turn our discussions into some kind of macho thing about who's the better photographer.

Nowhere did I say or hint who the better photographer is. What I did ask you, however, was if you have a camera. So I will repeat it, do you have a camera?

However, I will take you up on the t/s bait you dangled above since it at least has a remote chance of leading to something of some relevance to this particular forum. What point are you trying to prove with your "hint"? Dazzle us...

Dazzle "us" or dazzle "you"? It does not matter how far you stop past f/11, except for very small gain it will oftentimes invite unnecessary, and often not pleasing backgrounds. Not a usual composition I am after. And if you really need to have everything in focus, use specialized lens that is designed for it. Or stack the image up in post processing.

As far as that particular image goes, it was only an experimentation; 200mm on FF, at a very close distance, to almost cover the width of a wide flower - not a typical closeups and macro angle. And nowhere did I say this is how it should be normally done.

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