Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

Rick Knepper wrote:

Roy LaFaver wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

stromaroma wrote:

I never thought I'd say this, but I may get into FX.

Interesting way of phrasing this.

Is this partially because back in the day, Nikon brainwashed its customers into thinking DX was good enough for general photography? Before I purchased my first (D)SLR in 2003, my research (reading stuff and opinions on the internet) found two divergent viewpoints on sensor size from the Canon and Nikon companies and their users. Canon already had the only FF camera on the market with indications that an affordable version would be forthcoming (which came 2 years later) while the general opinion here was that Nikon would not be offering FX and the general concensus "who needed FF anyway". I decided on Canon because I wanted to eventually be shooting with a camera with the original 35mm format (for some of the very reasons you state here and more) and there was little hope in 2003 of Nikon going to FF in their DSLRs (when Nikon and its users caved 4-5 years later).

How do you extrapolate this from that?

I think it is pretty self-evident if your first language is English. Troll elsewhere.

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Rick Knepper, photographer, shooting for pleasure. It is better to have It and not need It than need It and not have It. Various RAW comparisons at Link below. Includes 5D3 vs D800E (new uploads), 5D3 vs. 6D, Zeiss lenses etc.

Not trolling. The OP expressed surprise he is considering FX. I assume he has been happy with DX and did not think he would ever want anything different. You chose to grab an opportunity out of the blue to go off on Nikon, past and present. I notice that for serious stuff you have Nikon. If there has been brainwashing, and if people are susceptible, you might consider that you have a $3500 Canon with old sensor technology that cannot match IQ of a camera you say is worth only $250. Ironic, to say the least. So who is the troll here?

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