Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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mike winslow wrote:

abortabort wrote:

Hello everyone.

I am currently a working as a 2nd shooter (and sometimes as 1st) for Wedding/Corporate event gigs.

I currently am invested in Nikon gear (D800E, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, etc) but I also own a Sony A7r....

I am contemplating selling ALL my nikon gear and in turn buying an A7, FE 24-70, FE 70-200. Is this a poor idea?

Seems to me that you should keep the Nikon as a backup and in case you run into problems with people not believing you're a "real photographer".  Figure out what the Nikon does better and keep a lens suited to that.  For weddings, I've read that you need a backup camera anyway.

My one fear is when I do start to 1st shoot more than the AF will murder me, as I hear nothing but complaints about both the A7r's and the A7's autofocus. I get the feeling from the way people trash it than in a lower light scenario I will have next to useless AF.

The A7 should be better than the A7r overall in normal light, but maybe not in low light.  In low light most cameras will struggle at some point.

What would you recommend and why?

Thank you for your time in reading this.

All the best,

LCpl. Herold

A D800 is rated to AF down to -2ev an A7S down to -4ev.

I have shot a number of weddings and I wouldn't have ever considered using my A7 as my main camera, as lovely as the output is, it just doesn't focus quickly enough in low light. ....But do yourself a favour and get the A7S as your other body - best of both worlds, A7R for resolution, A7S for difficult lighting.

Might be a good idea.

dpr just put the comparison tool up for the a7s.. So, the straight comparison at iso 51k - sure - the a7s looks less noisy.

I downloaded both jpgs and resized - the a7r appeared better.. then i noted the 7r only goes to 25.6k.. so i changed the comparison to 25.6k.. and the resized a7r image still looked a tad better.. rechecked the metadata.. the a7r uses the 55 f1.8 (@ f5.6 1/5000), and the a7r image uses an f85 @ 5.6 1/8000.. It would have been easier if they used the same lens..

It doesn't sound like a good test if the shutter speed is different; with manufacturers varying the meaning of ISO, it is problematic to compare results even at the "same" ISO.

I've been kind of excited about the low light of the a7S .. The comparitor images make me question if the ier really is that much of an advantage in stills.. Since you have used both - your opinion is valued.

That's the thing, when you have these super-high-resolution cameras, they are going to look more noisy viewed at 100% pixels because you're effectively magnifying the results.  In practice, the fine noise will not look as bad in a print, as it will be so small, and most of the time, you'll have more detail.  This came up a lot with the Nex-7 and whether or not it was more noisy.  I got the Nex-6 more out of price and feature considerations -- at the same price, I would not have had a problem with a 24mp sensor.

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