Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

stromaroma wrote:

I never thought I'd say this, but I may get into FX.

Interesting way of phrasing this.

Is this partially because back in the day, Nikon brainwashed its customers into thinking DX was good enough for general photography? Before I purchased my first (D)SLR in 2003, my research (reading stuff and opinions on the internet) found two divergent viewpoints on sensor size from the Canon and Nikon companies and their users. Canon already had the only FF camera on the market with indications that an affordable version would be forthcoming (which came 2 years later) while the general opinion here was that Nikon would not be offering FX and the general concensus "who needed FF anyway". I decided on Canon because I wanted to eventually be shooting with a camera with the original 35mm format (for some of the very reasons you state here and more) and there was little hope in 2003 of Nikon going to FF in their DSLRs (when Nikon and its users caved 4-5 years later).

1) Firstly, I know I can get a used D600 with or without the new shutter for a good price. However, in my experience, sending things in for repairs usually results in a screw up somehow. I'm not impressed with Nikon service. For an extra $400 it might just be worth buying a D610 instead, and then I'd also be able to play with the actual unit in hand to ensure there are no focus or other issues before buying. How long does this D600 shutter replacement go for before it isn't warranted?

It seems to me that $400 is a paltry sum for stepping over the problems of the D600. I'd give $250 for an unfixed D600 and that's about all.

2) Secondly, I see that it has only a 1/4000 sec max shutter speed. I am scratching my head over this. I rarely shoot that high anyways, but maybe with a hummingbird it might come up as an issue. Does anyone else find this low max shutter speed to be a problem?

There are advantages to 1/8000 especially if you are going for shallow DoF at midday but here is where it is helpful to me. For hiking, handheld shooting and very early mornings in nature, I set up the cam with ISO 800 to get my shutter speeds up. As the day wears on, I need to reduce that ISO until I am shooting ISO 100. Also, I bracket everything (5 shots minimum) and sometimes shoot in SS priority. However, being enamored with the nature around me, I sometimes forget to adjust my ISO on a timely basis, and I end up with shots exceeding 1/4000 and as it turns out, some of those shots have ended up being the best exposure from the given bracket. If I had been limited to 1/4000, all shots that would have been 1/5000 or whatever would have gotten 1/4000 and if the image was a keeper otherwise, I would be forced into more radical PPing than I want to use. Of course during image reviews when I start seeing 1/8000 popping up, I immediately reduce ISO.

Yes, this all comes from user error but if you can say you shoot 100% without error, then you may not need this capability as an occasional bacon-saver.

It is one of those features that a motto in my signature applies to: It is better to have It and not need It than need It and not have It. Would I base an entire camera on this feature alone? No!

3) I read that the 35 f/1.8 DX works on FX with minimal vignetting. Is this true? Can vignetting be easily corrected in PP? I guess that's a software-specific question, I use CNX2.

Some vignetting is easily correctable but I for one believe that less is more when it comes to correcting lens aberrations in software.

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