Ricoh GXR system?

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Re: Ricoh GXR system?

rtogog wrote:

Is the Ricoh GXR system is dead? I haven't seen any update since the unique Ricoh GXR Leica M Mount A12. Any leakage news. Thanks

Not dead, just sleeping.  The best thing about making a designed specially for LM body, sensor and mount is that it was obsolete technology well before it was even thought about.  So you make a very nice retro-look digital RF camera that also works like a retro and obsolescence hardly comes into the equation.  More like "how long might it be capable of being used?"  I think it will be along time before wearing out takes its toll.  Ricoh GXR-M users take twice as long to make a capture and therefore get twice the fun out of it.

Not to say that GXR M users are not interested in a new body and there would obviously be some serious checking of credit card limits if Ricoh were ever to make a new run of GXR bodies and some modules.

There is yet another round of fresh speculation brewing, we get a rash of it every few months ...

Not that we have nay factual information, it just suits the armchair designers to send a few hints to Ricoh whilst having some useless fun.

Don't worry about me - my predictions have never proved correct, always the first time of course ...

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