Ricoh GXR system?

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Re: Ricoh GXR system?

rtogog wrote:

Runnicle wrote:

There have been dozens if not hundreds of postings on this topic in the past few months on this forum. Such previous discussions relevant to your question can easily be found with just a bit of searching on your part. Here's a LINK to the beginning of one such discussion thread to help get you started. Good luck! Runnicle

Many thanks for the link. I owned Ricoh GR and very happy with it, but Ricoh GXR looks much more useful.

The GXR A12 50mm and the aps-c Zoom for example are still good but far bulkier and slower AF than the GR after the last firmware update which speeded up the AF.

Not sure however if the AF is on par with the GR pre the firmware update. I never bought into the GXR myself, luckily, as I not liked the idea of getting stranded with superb glass, not being able to use them with newer and better sensors later on.

I'll probably stay clear of the GR as well but that's due to the dust issues. I've had enough problem with dust with my orginal GRDI 8 mp. And when I began to use a Contax TVS Digital for almost two years ago which also have good UI but much better dust sealing and a very good zoom, there was not much way back to continue to use the GRDI for me.

The Contax TVSD is of course not faultless but I've not fund any major either except for the screen-freeze when the AF works. But I've got used to that thing.

Other than that I'll likely continue to use the travelzoom Ricoh Caplio R3 which except for reach seems to be Ricoh's best travelzoom overall so far. R4 still had the same zoom but problem with occasional banding with the newer 6mp ccd adn the R5 was good but not very reliabable. With the later models like R6 and onwards Ricoh stopped supply their compacts with PDAF sensors which slowed down the AF and the series turned into a downhill with more NR.

The R3-R4 used very little NR which I like. The zoom performs quite ok if it is a good copy.

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