Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

One of the factors that determine DoF is distance from subject. The closer you are, the shallower the DoF. This is why macros have such a shallow DoF, because you get really close to fill the frame with a small subject.

Using a DX lens on an FX body gives you the exact same DoF as on a DX body. The only advantage you get from the FX body is higher dynamic range and better low light performance, NOT shallower DoF.

You can test this by shooting the same subject with your 35mm on your D7000 and on your D610. You will see that, because you're using the FX sensor in DX crop mode, the D610 will not allow you to shoot closer for the same framing and the DoF won't be any shallower compared to that obtained using the D7000.

OTOH, using an FX prime like the 50mm 1.8G, that WOULD give you shallower DoF on the D610 compared to the D7000.

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