Handling XT1 vs XE1?

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John M Roberts Senior Member • Posts: 2,509
Handling XT1 vs XE1?

I love the X-E1 size and image. I get very frustrated with the handling especially when I'm kayaking. My DSLR's are a pleasure other than size and weight. It has gotten to where I don't care to fight with my X-E1 anymore and want to replace it.

I will list what irritates me the most. I shoot mainly in manual. If I choose an incremental shutter speed, each time I preview the image and return to shooting, the shutter speed changes back to the mechanical dial setting to which I need to reset back to one of the 1/3rd settings. And of course this happens when camera goes to sleep or I shut it down. I wished there was an option to allow the camera to remember exactly where I left all my settings  and let me take the responsibility if I forget what I had done.

Many times when I let go of the camera to correct my kayak position then reach for my camera again, the shutter is at another setting because I or something inadvertently hit one of the button. I'm also hitting the Macro setting when I just want to hit the center Menu/OK button. I know this is the price for such a small camera but I wished it took a more deliberate touch with better spacing.

If I'm using the 2 sec. delay, which I set to my function button, instead of a cable release that too has to be reset every time the camera shuts down or turned off. Again, what I set I want to stay until I change it.

Maybe in these next two gripes I'm ignorant to correcting. I set the level indicator for my LCD but it does not appear in my EVF. Also when shooting in M that very distracting focusing bar in the EVF which I find useless is annoying for it blocks the bottom portion of the viewing area. I have not found a way to get rid of it. It's gone in the LCD.

I have taped down the Exp. Comp dial from day one for it can constantly get switched. A few times I have found that just by placing my camera in my bag that somehow the on/off switch gets turned back on. Also when screwing in or out a cable release it will also turn the on/off switch.

I would like the camera to remember which preview mode, as far as picture size, I was in and leave it there until I change it. I find all those different formats to choose to view more than one image to be nothing but silly. I love the feature of my Nikon's DSLR's that will togo between the mode I set and the default just by pressing the center button.

Fuji has made some very nice improvements through the software updates like having a useful histogram when in manual and giving an actual LCD rendition of exposure settings while in manual.

Though this doesn't have to do with the camera but I hope their future water resistant lenses have a stiffer aperture ring which on my zoom is way too sloppy and easily changed.

Sorry for the long winded list but I would like to ask those of you familiar with these characteristics of my X-E1 and now own the X-T1 if much of my frustrations will be eliminated. I have played around with it in a shop once and will go back to revisit but I wanted to get a heads up idea from those of you that have had a substantial amount of time with it before doing so.

If any of you have remedies to my complaints with a correction that I'm missing of my X-E1 I would be happy to hear it.

Many thanks!

John R

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