No Android tablets suitable for m43?

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Re: No Android tablets suitable for m43?

The 2013 Nexus 7 had one of the most accurate screens (relatively speaking) of any mobile device when it was released... Though it won't be a match for a properly calibrated desktop display in that regard. You should check Anandtech reviews if that's a concern, they do a good job testing the displays and they usually review Samsung's latest. I know they don't tend to calibrate their OLED displays for accuracy but they do have a couple alternate modes you enable.

I haven't been bothered by the navi bar on my N7 (it's not THAT large), but as others said, Android apps can now go full screen so it shouldn't be hard to find a gallery app that features that, if it's such a pet peeve. I usually use the Panasonic app with my phone rather than the tablet tho I've used it with either on occasion, for large transfers (whole card backup) you're definitely better off with a $5 USB OTG cable, but I wouldn't call the Panasonic app rubbish. It works very well for it's purpose and NFC makes it really easy to initiate a connection.

I bought my N7 before the LG pad came out, I do like slightly bigger 8"-ish form factor better but for the price the Nexus is tough to beat and getting new OS updates straight from Google is certainly nice. I don't spend hours editing photos on it tho, nor do I think it's suitable for that. It's pretty great for showing them off though. Btw, as far as USB OTG cables, there are straight micro to micro OTG cables but since Panasonic uses a semi proprietary port they're of no use. You can connect the camera straight to the tablet with a micro to female full size OTG cable, or just use the same cable plus a card reader.

For quick transfers of a couple of photos Panasonic app and Wi-Fi work fine... When you have the camera in playback mode and tap an NFC device to it the camera will automatically pair and transfer the photo you were viewing, no other input necessary besides the tap (and opening the app first on the tablet/phone).

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