Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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Re: Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

TTMartin wrote:

Your EF 300mm f/4 IS when used with a 1.4X TC on a full frame camera, should resolve the same as it would on a similar megapixel APS-C camera without the TC. Of course you lose a stop of light which negates much of the ISO advantage of the full frame camera.

I doubt it would resolve the same because in theory every additional lens elements means more loss. Maybe if they TC is a perfect match with the lens ... there also is a loss in AF performance I guess. When using a TC with my current camera and the 4/300IS, AF is only useful for stationary subjects (slow, lots of hunting and 'overshoot'); for moving subjects I have to use MF because AF would never lock ...

For your dragonflies in flight, I would give a long look at the Canon 70D.

yes, that is the most suitable other option. I guess I'm going to wait a few months and see if the rumored new Canon sensor technology turns up and what it is worth for this type of subjects. Most sensor improvement in the last years was for low light shooting, and that is of little value to me.

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