Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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Re: Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

fpix wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

The biggest disadvantage of the 6D is the same as the 5D Mk III and the 1D X (hint it's not the focus system), it's the full frame sensor requires longer focal lengths than a crop sensor camera would.

The disadvantage crop sensor cameras have is they don't have as good of low light performance as full frame sensor cameras do.


Well, putting above 2 sentences in ballance - one may land on the fact that...

____ Cropping a 6D/5D3 image with a factor of 1,6 to reach perspective of an crop camera
____ like 7D she/he may get same image quality as with 7D.

I have done my homework before switching from 7D to 5D3 to check the above statement and, to my eyes, the 5D3 image was even better than the same scene shot with 7D. Comparison on monitor screen, looking at "fit screen", 50% and 100%; although the cropped 5D3 image had only some 8.6MP. Test repeated with several ISO values, same conclusion. I assume this test would have cvasi-similar results when comparing 6D as FF camera vs. 7D, 60D, 70D as crop camera.

The nice thing with FF cameras is that actually you may learn techniques to aproach the WL subject (which brings a lot of fun!) and thus you may not always need huge crops for the final photo. And so you get a nice IQ in the end. Anyhow, as far as I am concerned, and maybe other collegues may confirm, I came back home from field with better photos with 5D3 compared to what I had from 7D, using same old 300f/4L, sometimes with TC1.4xII.

Interesting, but difficult to imagine that this is true in general with up-to-date sensors. I guess it depends on the lens that is used (resolution / micro-contrast), performance of AF system etc. And the 7D is a bit older sensor technology ... but in general I guess a current APS-C sensor should be able to at least keep up with a APS-C crop from FF sensor using the same lens, and probably offer higher frame rate and lower weight. On Nikon most users seem to prefer APS-C cameras like D7100 to FF cameras for BIF shots.

As long as one is using the same lens and cropping from FF view because the subject cannot fill the frame, the FF camera still has the advantage of a bigger field of view which makes it easier to keep fast moving subjects in the frame, but that's about the only clear advantage I see.

I'm struggling with the same question as the OP, but my subject is DIF (dragonflies-in-flight) and not BIF. My current 450D body is old technology and needs upgrading, but it still can do DIF shots simply by using MF. I don't have experience using 5D3 or 1DX for DIF shots, but my guess is that even these top level AF systems would struggle with the subject (dragonflies move more erratic). So I don't know how important the AF limitations of the 6D are for me. Framerate is also a limitation (fire a burst of shots and hope for a few more sharp images?), and there the 6D won't be much better than my 450D either. And I want a tilt screen on my next camera, which the 6D doesn't have ...

I don't like heavy cameras so the 5D3, 1DX and probably 7D2 are not interesting for me. The 6D would probably offer about 3 stops better High ISO performance than my 450D (= higher shutter speed / more DOF) but using the same lenses I won't see any gains in resolution because there is a limit to how close I can get the subject, and longer lenses are too heavy. My most used lens for this subject is the 4/300IS because that one is still easy to handhold for a longer time. I can imagine going to a 2.8/300 with TC one day, but that's about the physical limit for me. For sure as someone else already mentioned lenses are a big part of the equation.

decisions, decisions ...

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