True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Re: True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

Timbukto wrote:

Paul Holman wrote:

It seems so, as such is rather an insult to those of us having spent thousands on Pro bodies in the recent past, 1Dsii & 5Dii here.

I hope they come to their senses and extend support to older bodies, because policies like this mean I am less likely to continue to invest in Canon products if they are going to cease supporting them so quickly.


Based on your definition of support, Nikon has ceased support of every single one of their camera's by discontinuing their Capture NX2 software with control points, etc. Or you can spin it and say they are supporting every camera with SilkyPix. But if you've used SilkyPix you'd know that 'support' has many shades of gray and is not black and white.

I'm using DPP 4.0 with my 6D and I can tell it is still buggy. It is a major release. It actually freezes all the time when I get out of sleep mode on my laptop. As a software developer I am completely understanding of the level of bugs that will exist in a major release. I also would be cognicent of the support calls they would receive if they let everyone at DPP4 and if DPP4 overwrote DPP3 installations.

It is also my opinion that DPP4's revised gamma adjustments would reveal 5DMKIIs or 7Ds read noise and banding issues in a flash. That is not to say there wouldn't be plenty of instances where the new gamma control would not help, but there would be less leverage of it overall.

actually i would not be suprised if it does not show up as much in DPP4 - simply put at the time of the ACR hysterics with 5D Mark II - ACR didn't fully support floating black levels from the CR2 file.

to this day - some of the often used banding examples of the 5D Mark II - are only taken using third party RAW converters.

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