Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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Re: Canon 6D BIF is it capable enough?

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If this question has been asked before then I apologise.

But is the 6D capable of taking decent photographs of BIF? 90% of my photography is wildlife and most of the subjects are static, but I need a camera capable of taking good images of moving objects. I have considered the 7D as well but for some reason keep on coming back to the 6D.

I would appreciate your help and thoughts in this matter.

Since there are so many better options out there, the 6D is simply the wrong tool.

No need to write long essays about it
or even discuss it further.

Great answer!!

Too bad it's not the correct answer.

The 6D can be used for BIF although not ideal. Is it your priority? If not you are good to go with it with some compromise over other options. If yes, choose other options. In Canon new gear, that is only 70D, 5DMkIII and 1DX (7D has been retired). You choose APS-C or FF sensor. Since you asked about 6D, you must be looking at FF sensor. Therefore only 5DIII or 1DX is correct choice if BIF is priority. Choice is now determined by budget. Lenses are not included and are extra.

End of essay

The 6D is not the best BIF camera, but, the OP wasn't asking for the best BIF camera. The OP asked if the 6D could acceptably do BIF photography. Yes, it can!!!

The biggest disadvantage of the 6D is the same as the 5D Mk III and the 1D X (hint it's not the focus system), it's the full frame sensor requires longer focal lengths than a crop sensor camera would.

The disadvantage crop sensor cameras have is they don't have as good of low light performance as full frame sensor cameras do.

The Canon 70D is a very well rounded APS-C camera and is worth considering. It falls between the 7D and 6D in low light performance, frame rate, and RAW buffer.

If the 6D is the best camera for everything you want to do except BIF, it still might be the best camera.

OP said they want to shoot BIF and wonder if the 6D is suitable. They shoot 90% wildlife and most is static. We assume the other 10% is maybe people and landscapes.  The amount of BIF usage is unknown since the OP doesn't tell us how much they will do. Will the BIF usage be part of the 90% or the 10% or taken from both? The OP didn't ask us to consider suggesting other models but to answer the question. The answer would be yes.

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