Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Put the coffin away. Leica is doing fine.

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Most people would be more impressed to see you shooting with an iphone, and will take your Leica for an antique film camera.

Funny how far off you are. The older the camera looks, the more people are impressed from my experience. No one thinks it's a big deal taking pics with an iphone. everyone has them and they require no skill to use. People either ignore me or seem annoyed when i used a big DSLR.
If I use a Leica they pay far more attention. They want to know about the process. If I use my old Rolleiflex they freak out and crowd around me to get their photos taken. Same reaction if I use an old Zeiss Ikon or Voigtlander.
Cameras like this, that require more of an investment in the process by the photographer, get more respect from the subject as they know you are working for the result.

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