When the Canon 1" sensor?

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Re: When the Canon 1" sensor?

RedFox88 wrote:

Why? The G1 X markII is a small camera. No need.

Everyone has different needs or wants at different times. This a hobby or job for many and choices drive innovation.  I dont think anyone asked for a small camera. The RX10 and FZ100 are big cameras with a 1 inch sensor but its about choices.

I think the 1 inch sensor is going to continue to grow because its a great compromise on quality an and the ability to give us fixed or interchangeable lens options that are sharp, fast, affordable, small, and light with out a huge sacrifice in lens quality.

And calling the G1X M2 small is a matter of perspective.  Next to a DSLR is it small, but next to the RX100 series it is huge.  Some people prefer a pocket cam and want to be far superior to their phone to make it worth carrying the extra lump.

I have a camera at "all" times so I even though I want a G1X m2 for specific reasons it is too big to be carried in my jeans or suit pocket if I am at work.  Yes I carrry at work.

It do find it ironic that people who found the product that fits their need or niche, hang out on a forum of lots of people looking and comparing and waiting for the next best thing and say their is no need for something new.

New is what this site is about it.  And a need for you is not always the same for someone else.  Very few camera purchases are a need anyway.  They are mostly wants. I am cool with that.

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