Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Put the coffin away. Leica is doing fine.

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

eyeswideshut wrote:

That's why you are "just another canon shooter". You figured, might as well go with a brand even an ordinary chump knows

I own audiophile equipment that is less known to the public even than the Leica (and as expensive). But I did not buy it to impress my guests - they would be much more impressed by a cheap Sony receiver with a lot of whistles and bells. When my guests see my speakers, for example, they ask: Bose? I just smile.

Can you still impress people with stereo equipment? I thought that pretty much went out with the hip huggers and bell bottoms.

Anyway, enough of that 'I can impress people' nonsense. I just hope you don't waste it on Beats earphones 

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