Would I pay someone else to process my RAWs?

Started Jun 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
klimbkat Senior Member • Posts: 2,113
Re: Would I pay someone else to process my RAWs?

While you wouldn't get business from someone like me who enjoys the PP process (I think of it as transforming the initial shot in both obvious and subtle ways which is both enjoyable and part of the artistry of photography), there is clearly a market for large bulk jobs.  And, as you point out, if you could do it remotely via the cloud, your market is global.  Apart from the mechanics (electronics) of the work and the logistics, your biggest challenge will be marketing - there is a lot of friction and resistance in entering a niche like this where its as much about who you know as anything.  But, if you have the technical skills, the resources (time and $$ for the tools), the willingness to devote a lot of time, energy, and possibly $$ in marketing (or some great connections to bring your work to a critical mass), and the passion for the work, I say go for it.

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