RX100 M3 first observations (vs RX100 M1)

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RX100 M3 first observations (vs RX100 M1)

I picked up my RX100M3 today and would like to share my first observations after having played around with it. Previous model was a RX100 next to a DSLR.

Keep in mind that I haven't check all new menu settings in depth, so maybe some observations in the dislikes are due to some unfamiliarity.

I have yet to check things like to stabilization improvements and I'll try to make some comparison shots while I still have the M1.

I won't do pixel peeping comparisons as in my opinion the image quality nowadays is allready beyond the point where that is relevant.

Spoiler alert: I loved the RX100 but this is a a solid upgrade. Period. The Likes far outweight the Dislikes.

1-Basics: 24mm, better video quality, 2.8 instead of f4 at 70mm, WIFI
2-Stills and Movies reviewing finally combined in 1 view!!!!!! I hadn't seen this in any other comments but a major plus in the user friendly department.
3-Auto ISO now available in Manual (Still and Movie)
4-Separate button for the flash popup, perfect.
5-Zoom stepping
6-The M3 isn't that really bigger then the M1. Expected it to be heavier/bigger but it's not really noticable. Still fits (a bit tighter) in my flexible case. Won't fit in my underwater house anymore I'm afraid..
7-Tiltable display
8-My Richard Franiec grip still fits:)
9-Extra "C" button and the option to appoint manual/auto focus switch to this . You could allready do this on the M1 and assign it to the eg left joystick button, but that was not convenient in still mode.
10-Same batteries. Often overlooked, but as I allready have 2 spares and a charger this saves money.
11-5 frames, max -3/+3 bracketing!

1-Tripod mount is still next to the battery/card compartment. This means I have to unscrew my quick release plate when a battery is empty. Which went quickly for the RX100 during video, I expect the same for the M3.
2-No lock for the tiltable display. There is a little bit of movement possible where the lower part of the display touches the camera body when it's not tilted. Not much, but for a camera that is meant to go into pockets I expect this to become the weak spot in an otherwise built-like-a-tank body. A simple slider I would have expected.
3-I'd like an option to lock the White Balance (switch between auto/manual)
4-I'd like an option to quickly switch between the movie settings (using 25p/100p) (although having this as the last entered menu option is a workaround)
5-no visible guide for zoom stepping, why not just show 35mm equivalent on screen?
6-no auto ND in movie
7-I'd like to be able to reverse the aperture/shutter use of the control/zoom ring in manual mode.

Big dislikes:
1-Still no option for a minimum shutter speed in auto iso settings. Ridiculous in my opinion for a camera of this class. Although auto iso in manual is a workaround, it makes it less friendly when other users also want to use the camera.

2-Unable to disable that you want to power down when folding in the electronic EVF. Which idiot Sony engineer was sleeping when testing this "feature"...? I guess the same one that previously sugested to split up the stills and movie reviewing.......


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