True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Re: Canon would not be dropping support

Rick Knepper wrote:

Ultimately, you may be right about the 5D2 specifically (though I think folks are not reading the verbiage correctly), but the point remains, Canon can't (and why should they?) support older cameras. If the 5D2 is on the bubble and gets into DPP4 later, so be it. If Canon sees these debates online and eventually decides to include all cameras, then you can thank the OP (and me) for stirring it up.

You're missing the point. In order to sustain trust in the Canon RAW format, they need to continue supporting ALL Canon RAW files, not just those coming from the latest camera bodies. Just because new cameras are released, it shouldn't suddenly make the digital negatives taken with older camera's obsolete. We're dealing with negatives for photos that cannot be retaken, not mobile phones.  Not to mention if you have two different bodies, using two different versions of the same software for each body is ridiculous.

Sure today there are two versions of DPP available, however I would be extremely surprised if Canon were to continue developing/supporting two different versions of DPP. Therefore, DPP 3 would appear to be on borrowed time as all development effort will go into DPP 4, until they finally decide to drop support for DPP 3 altogether.

So fast forward into the future where DPP 3 will no longer install on Windows XYZ anymore, then all of a sudden the tens of thousands of original raw photos people have taken on Canon camera's up until now, will suddenly become unreadable using DPP (and as such all the time spent processing the files in the first place will also be lost because DPP is the only package that'll recognise the DPP adjustment settings stored in the raw file metadata).

It used to be the case that cr2 was considered a reasonably safe format with Canon being part of various professional working groups to ensure compatibility and also due to the shear numbers of photos that exist in this format, however with this latest new I'm not so sure now. That's why some clarification is needed from Canon, because the information supplied so far is inadequate and if they have decided to shun support for their older proprietary raw files, that's a huge kick in the teeth for people who have spend such a large amount of time and money to capture the raw files in the first place.

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