Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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In a few luxury tourist places of the world a Leica would be instantly revered. But in many other places (2/3 of the world) a camera of any kind would just be an oddity. I live in a neighborhood where wearing such a luxury on my neck or shoulder would probably register a non-response. "To each his own." "Live, and let live." Meanwhile, most of the world is just trying to survive.

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People buy Leicas for a lot of reasons, and image quality, which happens to be very high, is only one of those reasons. No one thinks a Sony is a luxury item or a status symbol. Even if you encrust it with jewels and call it a Hasselblad.


Leica, who really does have outstanding products, has become the benchmark for profligate spending. The problem is... while it might be 10% better it costs 1000% more. And that is just a problem for me, and not a problem for everyone.

I can understand this but not entirely. A luxury car turns heads any time. So does a luxury fur coat, etc. But only a small minority of people know what Leica means (today), and many of those who do, think it is terribly overpriced and not really worth the hype, just look at the responses here. If owning a Leica makes their owners feel good, for whatever reason, that is fine with me. But a luxury symbol (to the rest of the public) - I'd take this with a grain of salt. Most people would be more impressed to see you shooting with an iphone, and will take your Leica for an antique film camera.

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