Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Put the coffin away. Leica is doing fine.

If all that matters is value, then the best camera for you is your cell phone. Because the camera portion of it pretty much cost you nothing.

Leica doesn't have to be the best at anything as long as people are willing to pay their price to own their products. Leica doesn't have to be a value leader. In fact, if their prices weren't so outrageous they would lose some of their appeal. Some people are willing to pay a lot for exclusivity.

Folks like you just don't get it.

People buy Leicas for a lot of reasons, and image quality, which happens to be very high, is only one of those reasons. No one thinks a Sony is a luxury item or a status symbol. Even if you encrust it with jewels and call it a Hasselblad.

You are imposing your value system on the rest of the world, and that just makes no sense. Like you, I feel they are way too expensive (for me, at least) and that you can buy a lot more camera for a lot less money. But that doesn't mean that everyone must agree with me (or you, for that matter.)

If everyone wanted the same camera, then there would only be one brand and one model. And it would probably be a plastic Canon digital rebel. The nice thing about Leica is it makes me feel better about buying a $1000 camera or $500 lens from someone else. It make me feel that I am a smarter shopper, just by comparison pricing.

Leica, who really does have outstanding products, has become the benchmark for profligate spending. The problem is... while it might be 10% better it costs 1000% more. And that is just a problem for me, and not a problem for everyone.

If money didn't matter for me, I'd buy every camera and lens Leica makes. And you probably would too.

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