Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: noise is still not convincing, but the lens is

DMillier wrote:

I don't have any fuji lenses. I have a 35/2 Zeiss contax G and a 90/2.8 Zeiss contax g, Rokkor 50mm/1.4, 200mm/4 Nikon, 24/2.8 Miranda (Cosina), tokina 28-70.

Just did a quick comparison in the back garden with the 35/2. Surprisingly close for detail actually (although the contax lens is 5mm longer, which helps).

One really interesting thing is that the DP2M turns shadow areas almost monochrome. You don't notice so much without comparing to another camera but the shadows are close to B&W. Interesting.

The Dp2M's strength is in the rendering of rough surfaces (like stone). That's where it will find a niche for me. I think it will hard for other cameras to produce the "crunchy" surface texture of the DP2M.

Operationally, the XE1, whilst having its critics, is a lot easier to use handheld. For example, in the test shot I just did, I could not see the target area for the AF point on the LCD, it was completely black even when magnified. The XE1 EVF revealed the target area very clearly which allowed me to frame the shot more easily.

I completely agree with you. The DP merrils are texture hunters. The Quattro will be in this league too but with a slight lose, as you will notice sooner or later.

If by any chance you can put your hands on a XT-1, do it. Seriously I was in total war against EVF but this one is just soo good and big that the wind is turning. If EVF keep growing in that way, for sure OVF is dead (mirrors and curtains too, just have a look at A7s full electronic shutter). It is like looking at a large high end UHD TV with no refresh time or lag.

The extreme advantage of the fuji sensor is keeping colors details perfectly at any ISO settings. The only camera capable of that actually are the D4s (not the DF which is a piece of crap) and the upcoming A7s.

For me, SIGMA should team up with someone who know how to make a camera. They should team up with Fuji, seriously. But rumours say that fuji might collaborate with Canon at a certain level. Another rumor says that fuji is actually planing a medium format camera (but this is only rumors).

An example, exifs inside.

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